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Company Profile


Comino Management Services Pty Ltd (CMSPL) was formed in 1999 to provide professional consulting services to the resources industry primarily in the areas of project and maintenance management. Our team of consultants specialise in mechanical, structural and electrical systems on major mining plant and equipment. Over 19 years of operation, CMSPL has successfully delivered numerous major capital projects, planned and managed major overhauls and completed feasibility studies primarily in the coal mining industry.

CMSPL provides an integrated service with technical expertise which extends to areas such as capital and operating co
st estimates, QA inspections, contract administration and freight and logistics.




CMSPL specialises in the project management of:

  • Major Equipment & processing plant procurement.

  • New/used dragline acquisitions.

  • Electric Mining shovel acquisition/relocation.

  • Mobile earthmoving fleet acquisition.

  • Equipment major overhauls.

  • Feasibility studies.


Involvement in projects from pre-feasibility stage with CMSPL providing:

  • Capital cost estimates.

  • Zero based life cycle operation costs.

  • Development of equipment technical specifications.

  • Interface with mine planning and economic modeling teams.

  • Managing ‘Request for proposal’ processes.

  • Completing equipment technical and commercial evaluations.

  • Assessing engineering and maintenance issues with proposed new equipment.

  • Management of design and technical reviews.


During the equipment procurement phase, CMSPL provides:

  • Negotiation of procurement contracts.

  • Oversees manufacturing activities.

  • Manages quality assurance inspections.

  • Reports progress against schedule.

  • Assesses progress claims for processing.

  • Manages freight and logistics.

  • Oversees site assembly and commissioning.